8 mm white pearls with fuchsia swarovski crystals and daisy spacer beads 3 mm light pink pearls with clear ab swarovski crystals

Gradual blue 8 mm pearls with spacer beads and crystal ab swarovski crystals

Sky blue glass beads with baby blue, wire-wrapped pearls and swarovski crystals

Slider vintage beads with clear rhinestone and clear ab swarovski crystals

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  1. OK, girl, are you selling your jewelry yet? I need some bracelets for my girls, but I don't really have the time or beads to do it. Nicole W used to make them and sell them. My mother in law and I bought a ton. I love the pearls, and I really love the Swarofsky? crystals. Do you use sterling silver clasps? I feel like I need a bracelet in every color scheme: pinks, browns, reds, blacks, blues, greens...Let me know!